👋 Hey there! I’m Kishan Patel,
I'm a Cybersecurity Student and,
A Enthusiastic Full-Stack Developer

About Me 📃

I am a dedicated and passionate cybersecurity student with a keen interest in information security and cyber defense. My journey in the realm of technology has equipped me with a robust skill set, particularly in design and integration, combined with intuitive problem-solving capabilities.

Aspiring cybersecurity professional with a solid foundation in computer science and specialized training in cybersecurity. Passionate about network security, ethical hacking, and threat analysis. Seeking an internship opportunity to apply my skills and contribute to protecting organizational assets.


Education 📚

Current - 2025

Post-Graduation in Cybersecurity For Control System

2020 - 2023

Bachelor's In Computer Application

Programming Languages 🌟

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Java
  • Bash/Shell
  • PowerShell
  • SQL
  • Oracle Database
  • Sybase Database

Security Frameworks and Standards⚡

  • NIST Cyber Framework
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • Metasploit
  • TCP/IP
  • VPN

Vulnerability Management and Pen Testing 👻

  • OWASP Top Ten: Familiarity with common web application security risks.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Skills in identifying, classifying, and mitigating vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit Development: Basic knowledge of developing and testing exploits

Security Tools and Technologies🔐

  • Wireshark
  • Nmap
  • Metasploit
  • Snort
  • OpenVAS
  • Kali Linux

Cloud Security ☁️

  • BigQuery Data
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Firewall
  • Compute Engine

Identity and Access Management (IAM) 🪪

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implementation and management.
  • Identity Providers: Understanding of services like Active Directory, LDAP, and OAuth

Work Experience 🔗

July 2022 - January 2023 Frontend Developer Intern

at: 🏢 One Prism Technology Ltd

  1. Work in a team to develop a user-centric web interface using Vue.js.
  2. Translated design mockups into functional code, ensuring responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.
  3. Ensuring very high-quality graphics standards and brand consistency.
  4. Conducted thorough testing and debugging of front-end components.
  5. Documenting application changes and developing updates.

Personal Projects 📃

Identity Management Chatbot ChatGPT API + Pytorch

  1. Developed a chatbot using python and Natural Language processing to provide information and assistance with identity management processes.
  2. The chatbot aims to reply accurately to any question with the help of ChatGPT API
  3. Implemented a secure login system with multi-factor authentication and role-based access control.
Secure Social Media Analytics Platform VueJS + TypeScript
  1. Designed and implemented a web application using Vue.js framework, tailwind, and typescript to provide analytical reports on social media accounts.
  2. Implemented a secure login system with multi-factor authentication and role-based access control.
  3. Developed a dashboard to display analytics and insights on social media accounts.
Chrome Extension Quick AI
  1. A chrome extension that offers a curated selection of AI tools and Coding Cheat sheets
  2. Developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  3. Integrated third-party APIs for redirection to the best listed AI tools..